About Us

We are industry professionals with a combined 30 years experience in SEO, Web Design, Advertising & Marketing. All this creates a system that both drives customers to you and gets them to respond once there. Our system is a mix of 8 basic web principles: 

1. Data: The more data you present the better.
2. Links: The more places you present data the better.
3. KeyWords & Metatags: Where, when and how to use them.
4. Update: Search engines like fresh info.
5. AdSense: Everything the customer sees is focused on getting them to do business with you.
6. Google, Bing and Yahoo Place pages.
7. Social Media.
8. Reputation Monitoring: Know who is saying what & respond. 

Applying all 8 aspects in a disciplined, monthly fashion will give you the best opportunities to grow your web profits. Call or click below for your free assessment.

We offer a free 10 point market evaluation that will evaluate how your business is ranking in Google & Search Engines compared to website in your niche market. This helps identify what we can do to boost your online score and get more feet through your doors. 

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